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Anti static Ventilation Floor

Anti static ventilation floor can be divided into all steel without border static floor, aluminum alloy anti static ventilation board, reinforced composite anti static floor, calcium sulphate antistatic floor, three anti static floor, permanent PVC anti static floor and all steel 0A network floor, etc.


Product features:

1. If the joints between the floors are sealed, the cold air leakage in the data center can be reduced by 5% to 15% (Radmehr et al., 2005). It

2. perforated floor block should not use the wind valve, if so, they should be removed. The parts of the wind valve will move over time, so the positioning of the wind valve is a problem. It is best to use perforated plates with different opening ratios to optimize ventilation for overhead inspection floors.

3. The ends of cables used at the end should be closed, because they make the supply of air burst into areas that people do not need. If the orifice is large or enough, the static pressure relief in the static pressure chamber of the floor can be viewed by overhead (Beaty and Davidson, 2005). It

4. The more uneven the air distribution from perforated floor blocks along the cold passage, the lower the average temperature of the rack population at the edge of the passage. For the floor block with large air volume, the uneven air distribution has little effect on the rack with the highest power (Schmidt and Cruz, 2003a).

Product function:

1. simplify installation and provide greater flexibility for future equipment configuration changes and expansion. It

2. the equipment in the engine room can be freely electrically connected under the anti-static floor for easy installation and maintenance.

The machine room is neat and beautiful. It

3. it can protect all kinds of cables, wires, data lines and sockets, so that they will not be damaged. It

4. the computer room can use the floor space as the static pressure air reservoir of the air conditioner, and obtain satisfactory airflow organization. whether

Where the computer equipment is installed, the air after the air conditioning can be obtained through the anti static movement of the air outlet of the floor. It

5. It is beneficial to the maintenance and maintenance of the bottom of the equipment. It

6. eliminate the damage of cable exposure to the human body. It

7. we can make use of the adjustability of the anti-static moving floor to eliminate the roughness of the real ground and ensure the floor of the computer room.

Overall level. It

8. it can make the static charge leak to the ground and reflect the electromagnetic radiation.