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Metal partition

The SP series is divided into two standard product lines: SP60 and SP80 according to product thickness. The surface material of wall products is cold-rolled hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, covered with gypsum board, supplemented by skyway, ground rail, keel, fixture, and hardware accessories and other components. The use of SP series products can be divided according to the actual needs of the office, and can be designed into a variety of patterns according to the different requirements of the office environment. The wall products meet the safety and environmental protection as well as seismic, fire protection (special pattern) and other structural requirements; the middle layer of the wall can wear pipe line to ensure that the indoor environment is clean and orderly. SP series products can also be derived from various types for customers to choose. For example, in partition products with louvers, the louvers can be adjusted manually or remotely to create an open and private office space.